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Yes, their 300% green web hosting with cPanel is easy to use. Almost all website owners are having prior experience using this most popular control panel. We find no difficulties with it and any beginners that just get started will find it easy too. Setup website is simple, control panel is powerful and customer service is lovely. With this review site hosted within their 300% green shared hosting, we are able to carry out life time reviews and testing in here. We have gathered some customer feedback and coupons for extra discount too. See the coupon section for latest promo code.

HomepageGreengeeks review: Is Greengeeks any good?

Greengeeks.com is the greenest web hosting company and primarily famous for carbon-free campaign. They use community energy and goes beyond that and offers up to 300% carbon-neutral. Every plan you signup with them will contribute to a greener world. Besides environmental responsible, they’re offering highest quality cPanel plans in various forms and include shared hosting, VPS, and reseller hosting plans.

Greengeeks review: Is Greengeeks shared hosting the best?

After comparing their feature and price, we have check on similar price web hosting plans and this hosting is the overall winner in most aspect. For example, we can get their unlimited cPanel plan right now at $3.96 per month. For this price, we can only get a single domain hosting from Hostgator.com for example. And most importantly, this web hosting is ticking every correct boxes and it’s suitable for most type of websites hosting. This is all-in-one general purpose web hosting plan that is recommended to 99% of webmasters. This is how great their web hosting product is.

For features comparison, we would like to highlight the following and see what you can get for a small price of $3.96 per month. This plan includes the following:

  1. Host unlimited domains.
  2. Unlimited storage and gigs of data transfer.
  3. Free domain name for life.
  4. Free site migration.
  5. Free drag and drop site builder and starter site.
  6. Unlimited e-mail support and forwarding.
  7. Unlimited MySQL database.
  8. 300% green.
  9. Free cPanel control panel.
  10. Price start from $3.96 per month.

Unlimited features

Greengeeks reviews on competitor comparison.

Next thing we want to do is perform some comparison and compare them with most top web hosts and find the overall winner. Undeniable, they are the winner here. We had chosen them as the greenest eCommerce plan. As the greenest company they are donating to LUNG association and also contribute to community. Is this the best when compared with other top hosting companies?

  1. Greengeeks is 300% green.
  2. Hostgator is 130% green.
  3. IPage is 100% green.
  4. Fatcow is 100% green.
  5. Bluehost is not.
  6. Hostmonster is not.
  7. Justhost is not.
  8. Webhostingpad is not.

Besides this Greengeeks web hosting review site, we run few other web hosting review sites and each of them are hosted at respective web hosting companies. Above are some of them. Compare them and see their different today.

When selecting a new web host, we try our best to advice people to choose the greenest web hosting plan and not those ordinal plans that are cheap and leaving carbon footprint all over. Make sure your next web hosting is green and your website hosted online that runs 24/7 is always carbon free.

How to choose an eco-friendly web hosting? Not all hosts are equal and that is the first thing to know. Some web host only goes up to 100% green by purchasing energy credit and do nothing else. Some goes even further by making sure their server is using energy efficient hardware and uses the latest technology to help reduce carbon footprint. Next, there is web host company that want their staff to be environment friendly and make sure the office waste is recycle, save on electricity, and even cycling to work etc. We have seen a lot of these happening and they are making a good example and hopefully one day fellow webmaster will follow the trend as well.

Is Greengeeks speed test & performance any good?

Our website with has been performing great and here is our speed test and total loading time. According to Google webmaster tool, average download time is recorded at 0.661 second and average download per day is around 908 kilobytes. The slowest time is 1.17 second and the fastest time is 0.032 second.

Website download speed

Here is another website speed test that we carry out on this review site. It shows the current page size is 241.7 kilobytes in total and it took 3.56 second to load completely. Average transfer speed is around 67 kilobytes per second and this speed checker tool rated our review website here at 78 out of 100. The total load time is 3.56 second and average transfer is 67 KB/sec.

Greengeeks speed test

Is Greengeeks uptime any good?

Service performance is not the same every year, and for this we are require to check and keep track of their process from time-to-time. For example this website is monitored and checks for speed every 5-minute. And our average uptime rating is 99.697%.

Here is our review website and its annual uptime rating:

  1. 2013 availability is 99.915%
  2. 2012 availability is 99.748%
  3. 2011 availability is 99.754%

Website uptime rating

Greengeeks review on average user rating.

We gave them a very good scores and perfect rating in most criteria. However, 30-days money guarantee is too short and should be extended.


Greengeeks coupons and $3.96/mo (use this signup link)

What is the best Greengeeks coupon for this year 2014?

Their new promotion and latest special price is now $3.96/month. This is one dollar less compare to previous $4.95 monthly pricing. This web hosting plan come with every features as before and they are 300% green as before. This mean they are now better and cheaper compare to following top web hosts:

  1. Hostgator $7.95 unlimited plan.
  2. Webhostingbuzz $4.95 basic plan.
  3. Hostmonster $4.95 unlimited plan.
  4. Bluehost $4.95 unlimited plan.

This clearly proof that Greengeeks.com is the cheapest and most affordable green web hosting company. Use the provided coupon code “take20off” and entitle for this one off $3.96/mo offer price. Their regular price is $7.95 and this new discount price is $3.96 per month only.

$3.96 lowest price

Greengeeks reseller coupons and 1 cent discounts.

They are offering discount for both shared hosting and reseller plan. For many times we have spotted this 1 cent reseller promotion with them and new customer signup for monthly terms are automatically entitle for this intro offer price. For selected time this reseller plan is available for free trial and customer are paying just one cent to signup and gain full access.

If you are visiting their official website and still able to see the following promotion page, you are in luck! This mean their 1 cent promotion is still available. Use the coupon “1CENTRESELLER” and signup the selected web hosting plan for one cent only.

Next thing to do is to start selling your new web hosting plan via this reseller account, access to the WHM and configure a new hosting package. This basic reseller allows 10 accounts to be sold and this mean you have to divide the available space into 10 lots and sell it separately. This equal to 50GB divides by 10 or equal to 10GB each. And you have to sell it at above $1.99 in order to make a profit. If you already found a client, get them to signup for $4 per month example and that is $2 in profit per account sold. This means a constant profit of $20 per month from this single reseller account. This is a conservative calculation and you can price it even higher for example $5 or $6 per month and making larger profit from it.

Reseller promo 1 cent

Is there any Greengeeks VPS coupon code available?

This is the most difficult part and there are few people been asking us for the latest VPS discount price. We have checked this with Greengeeks.com and so far there is no luck or special code presented. We have checked on the VPS signup page and tested few commonly use codes. None of them works and we are quit disappointed. There is no discount of any kind and no free domain given in here.

VPS coupon expired

What is the best Greengeeks coupon ever?

For this, we have to check their biggest discount price and choose the coupon that offers the highest discount. Throughout many years we have identify a free gift voucher that offer one off $25 in saving. Those who choose to use the coupon “TWHR25″ can entitle for $25 instant saving on their first signup.

$25 off coupon code

Searching for more Greengeeks rebate and discount?

They offer limited discount and the best price is already fixed. The only way to obtain better discount is via third party offer and a good example is our own web hosting rebates at her. We are offering a one time $5 dollars cash rebate for customer who signup and submit their user review. We as asking for honest web hosing reviews and user must submit their feedback at here and claim their rebate money later.

Rebate $5

cPanel, softaculous, email and webmail

Greengeeks cPanel control panel is included free.

This hosting uses cPanel and guarantee highest level of user friendliness. It is an improved version with new speed optimized feature. This mean our websites running from their server will have speed benefit and load faster too. Some web hosts are still using the older version, but we are glad to get the latest software right here with them.

This cPanel is similar with what we can see in Webhostingbuzz and Liquidweb, the same simple control panel. Not much customization and they don’t even bother to put in a custom theme or promo ads inside. This is plain simple interface and nothing else. They give their users a 100% functional cPanel control panel and nothing less. All these simple design with optimized speed is somehow contribute to lower server load and less power usage as well. When thinking about going green, we need to consider the efficiency and a 1% less usage is equal to 1% in saving. No matter how small it is, when multiply by hundred of thousand in user accounts, that is a huge number and equal to large amount of power usage.

Greengeeks cPanel login and access.

This cPanel is accessible via domain URL directly. For us, we can access this at primary domain name and followed by slash cpanel in URL. This type of setup is simple and known by most users. When we first signup with them and get the account, first thing to check is whether the primary domain is running and so we can login the cPanel and make necessary site migration and configuration. This control panel after login is look like following

Greengeeks cPanel control panel

Greengeeks softaculous is even better.

This software simplifying web apps installation and provide over 150+ quick installer. They offers more scripts and apps inside, eventually more than what we can get from fantastico or simplescripts. We can browse all available apps and take a tour preview in its feature and see its advantage. User can see rating, review and later proceed with scripts installation. If we done it right, the new scripts will be successfully installed and we can have the new site in no time. Unless we found some problem with it or not as expected, we can choose to uninstall it at anytime.

Softaculous is included

Server CPU usage limit is quit well. From their usage TOS, it mentioned customer account can use up to 8 percent of the server resources for 60 seconds. This limit is quit good and we have seen web host that give only half of what we getting here. This higher limit allows more resource usage and allows our website to handle more visitors at same time. For more usage, consider upgrade to VPS or dedicated servers as solution as it allows higher limits and not having this many restriction. For ultimate solution, we will only recommend dedicated hosting and this is the standalone solution. VPS is optional solution and never be the ultimate choice.

They are using this RV site builder tool and is included with every new account. We are now checking on the site builder tools that come with our cPanel. This RV site builder is popular, easy to use, and we can find quick tutorial almost anywhere. There is no difficulty in learning or pickup using this site builder. It might be simple, but we know this tool is helpful and really works.

Site builder with RVsitebuilder

Greengeeks webmail is checked.

Want to know which webmail clients software is provided? In this review site, we look into everything and this surely including email features and webmail service. Without wasting times, we are checking on this. In our shared hosting account, they provide horde, squirrelmail and roundcube.

Get to access to email account without need to download all emails to client software like Outlook Express, use this webmail client to log in and check on new incoming message.

For every account created, use the webmail client to log in access and manage it all via web browser. Convenient and allow access from anywhere with Internet access. Following is webmail client apps available from our cPanel control panel.

Greengeesk webmail client

Greengeeks email account and email sending.

Sending or receiving emails via their mail server is green and won’t cause any carbon footprint as well. This is because their web hosting service is 300% green and the email service is sitting within the same server and not by using separate email server. For this reason, the email service can enjoy the same green feature too. For the most basic shared server, they include the following features:

  1. Unlimited POP and IMAP accounts.
  2. Unlimited email forwarding and auto-responder.
  3. Email attachment size limit is 10 MB.

For instant, web host usually allow 200 to 500 sending per hour, and few thousand per day. That is quit a lot, and you can use mailing list manager tools (in cPanel) to schedule your sending to mailing list subscriber. Who said shared service can’t do it anyway. However for professional or business use, we highly recommend either a VPS or dedicated server upgrade and are able to enjoy higher email sending limits.

Unlimited email features

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$30 dedicated IP address worth it?

Why purchase a Greengeeks dedicated IP address?

Having a private dedicated IP address gives your website some hidden edge in search engine optimization point of view. If website is sharing IP address with adult site or hacker site, it will destroy website reputation and rating in the point of view of search engines. The result can be disastrous.

If you are running online business and having a crucial website, look for security and isolation from bad neighborhood. Off course the fastest, cheapest and most effective way is to use the dedicated IP address for website. Get a private IP and differentiate the website from bad website, simple as that.

Greengeeks dedicated IP pricing.

This dedicated IP price is $30 per year, not expensive. This is requiring when setting up secure website running own SSL cert. Order this by emailing the support team, they will install the IP address to your selected domain name. This is a very common practice and usually they will ask which domain you want to link with the IP address and in which you can only choose one domain to attach to. If you have another domain that require the unique IP setup as well, there is no other choice but to purchase a second IP address and assign it to the second domain name.

Note that this dedicated IP address ordering is not refundable, similar thing happened with other web hosts. There is setup fees involve and they are not allowing cancellation for refund. However, you can choose to end the service and choose not to renew next year.

More open-source script compatibility testing

How good is Greengeeks.com when come to blog website hosting? This is the common question we received from users. Webmaster looks for few things when migrating to a new web host, here are some of the important features more

This VPS hosting is rated 9/10, here is why!

VPS promoIs Greengeeks VPS hosting worth it?

We are not yet using this service; currently we are using budget shared plan only. For this we can only review their packages and compare it with other offer. They have many latest features included in this cheap basic VPS plan. Included are all required software and VPS control panel; managing websites and domains are made easy with these tools. It uses SSD storage arrays and package ranging from 1 to 8 gigabytes. Price is now starts from $39.95 to $159.95 per month.

Why Greengeeks VPS is better compare to most other competitors?

There are two main advantages here, first is their 300% green VPS plan and secondly they are using solid-state drive cached storage for much more superior performance. This is surely a better VPS hardware configuration.

Some web hosts charge extra for software addon, this including Hostgator VPS and Site5 VPS that charge $10 each month for cPanel software access. Beside generous feature, they also come with good service uptime and performance. Expect to get much more compare to ordinary shared hosting plan. In conclusion, we’re rating their VPS a 9/10. If you are one of the customers, please submit your VPS user review to us and share it.

Here are the unique VPS key features and advantages:

  1. It uses SSD server memory.
  2. Choose from RAM memory from 1 GB to 8 GB.
  3. It is 300% green.
  4. It comes with free cPanel.
  5. Price begins from $39.95 only.

Once again, this VPS is 300% green and that is their biggest advantages. Their price might not be the lowest or their feature might not be the best, but one thing for sure they are the greenest VPS available today.

VPS features

How to be successful with affiliate program?

Affiliate loginJoin Greengeeks affiliate program today.

Start referring friends or customers and earn up to one hundred per referral. If you manage to send over 6 customers per month, you are earning the highest sales commission. This is a 300% green hosting plan, getting more people to use their service is a go-green effort too.

Here is why to choose this partners program:

  1. Minimum per sales payout is $50.
  2. Refer 5 customers and earn $90 per customer.
  3. Refer even more customer and make $100 per customer.

Is there any other similar web hosting affiliate program available? We have reviewed all the top web hosts and we do check on their available system too. This is similar to few other web hosts, and here are some for comparison:

  1. Hostgator affiliate offers multiple level payout system and up to $125 in sales commission.
  2. Webhostingbuzz affiliate also offers the near similar program and giving up to $125 in sales commission too.
  3. Siteground affiliate is with $50 to $125 in sales commission and using the similar multiple level payout system.

How to promote your partner program? Invite friends in Facebook or Twitter and get them to visit or signup if they need a web hosting plan. And not to forget, mention their advantages and why to host with them. Beside this social media, use direct marketing methods including emailing to contact or clients. Put in promotion link into email footer and invite people to check out this amazing product.

Besides promotion links with tracking code, they also provide some banner ads too. From account, we can see there are 10 banner ads to choose from. This one is our favorite banner.

Best selling banner

It’s easy to resell 300% green reseller hosting

Reseller hosting promo

Why choose Greengeeks reseller web hosting?

This reseller web hosting plan is for earth-loving being. We are not surprise they are creating reselling plan for their 300% green hosting. They give webmaster opportunity to sell their green service and made it available for even more customers.

This reseller package now start from one cent only; what an amazing start-up price. This mean their promotion is better compare to Hostgator and Justhost plans off-course. And right now, they have 5 packages as following:

  1. Seed plan allows 10 accounts.
  2. Sprout plan allows 25 accounts.
  3. Plant plan allows 50 accounts.
  4. Tree plan allows 100 accounts.
  5. Forest plan allows 250 accounts.

All these reselling hosting plans come with standard features which include unlimited storage, bandwidth and cPanel control panel. In addition, their packages also include the following free gifts:

  1. Free domain reseller account.
  2. Free billing system to bill your client automatically.
  3. Free site builder tool for your clients.
  4. Free site migration service.
  5. Free private name server.

Specification and features

Ways of website advertising

Once a website has been setup, the next step is to drive traffic to the site. This can be done in a lot of different ways, whether for free or paid. These methods help increase traffic to the website.